Peter D. Henig

Mr. Henig brings 12 years of experience founding, funding and growing a variety of successful start-ups. He has helped lead more than ten companies from the pre-business plan and formative technology development phase through to successful liquidity events. A former veteran business journalist whose work has appeared in Red Herring, The Economist, The Wall Street Journal and Venture Capital Journal, Mr. Henig currently sits on the Board of Directors of Lumetric Lighting, Linkage BioSciences and Lifefactory, and is a Board observer with InsideView. Mr. Henig was a founding Board Member and angel investor in ProcessClaims, as well as an angel investor in Greenplum,Aravo, Solaicx, InsideView and MobiTV. Mr. Henig’s expertise covers early-stage innovations in software, sustainability and healthy consumer products.

Mr. Henig holds a BA in Economics from Georgetown University and an MA in Economics and Public Policy Analysis from Stanford University.